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When Am I?
simon chambers
The following is the first guest-blog by Adele Finney, PWRDF's Executive Director.  She is currently travelling to Asia to meet with PWRDF partners there and also with the Anglican Alliance, and will be blogging as much as she can while she is away.

On the way to partner visits in the Philippines and an Anglican Alliance meeting in Hong Kong
November ?, 2011

I’m not actually sure what day it is as I fly from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I know I left Ottawa Monday at 5.45 p.m., left Vancouver Tuesday at 2.10 a.m. and will arrive in Hong Kong on Wednesday morning. The screen on the back of the seat in front of me says it is 5.35 a.m., Hong Kong time.  When I land I will adjust my watch and live in the reality of time in the Hong Kong airport until I leave for Manila.

PWRDF development staff do this kind of travel as a matter of course; it’s part of their jobs.  Farida Akhter of Bangladesh just made this kind of journey back and forth to Toronto last week for the PWRDF Board of Directors meeting, her last meeting after six years on the board. Airplane travel is the closest we’ve gotten to the “Beam me up, Scotty” transporter.

My mother-in-law who grew up as a missionary kid in India in the 1910s and 20s travelled by boat from Madras (now Chennai) to Boston. When she arrived and stepped into her first automobile ride, she described herself as  so overwhelmed that she "nearly lost her composure".  Our family smiled and thought it was a sweet, old-fashioned expression.

 I tend to call it being “undone” in a transporter kind of way.  Over the past few years I’ve taken to seeing myself as mostly space, atoms whizzing around in a living, energetic human form. I try to see “undoings” as opportunities for opening myself to God’s Spirit moving through me and rearranging my spiritual, cultural and probably physical, molecules. It requires trust rather than fear, hope rather than dread. That’s the way I choose to be on this trip to visit PWRDF’s Filipino partners and meet with the Anglican Alliance in Hong Kong.


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